Application Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tuality accept job applications on paper?

Applicants must submit an online application via our Job Listings site ( in order to be considered or offered a position with Tuality Healthcare.  Tuality Healthcare does advertise its open positions on various third party sites, but all of those advertised postings should direct you to our Job Listings site to complete your online application.

How do I search for a job on your careers site?

Click on the link ‘Apply to Job Openings’ on our online Careers page. A welcome screen will pop up. From there you will be able to search for open jobs by Keywords (words that would appear in the job description), Category (such as Nursing, Lab, etc.), or Job Type (such as Full Time or Part Time). Or you can ‘view all open positions’ by clicking on that link.

I’m having trouble submitting my application online. What could cause this?

Check to see that you have filled in all of the required fields on the online form. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before an online application can be submitted (see image below). You should also be using a current or recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Older versions of web browsers are not fully supported by our online application software.

How do I know my application was successfully submitted?

When you are logged into your online application profile, you will be able to view the status of Past Job Application Submittals.

How soon will I hear back regarding my application?

Response times vary depending on the hiring manager. Each department has different processes. Depending on the department, you could hear back within a week, or it could be several weeks. We receive thousands of applications every month, so there is a chance that you may not hear back each time you apply. The hiring manager will reach out to those with whom they would like to move forward. We do strive to inform all applicants once a job has been filled.

What is the interview process like at Tuality?

There are several different formats for interviews at Tuality. The first interview is often a phone interview, but can also be an in-person interview. Some departments like to do one-on-one interviews, while others prefer a panel interview approach. Depending on the position, there may be several rounds of interviews.

I forgot my login information and password. What do I do?

At the Login screen of our Careers site, click on the link for ‘Forgot your Login or Password’ for assistance on retrieving or resetting.

How do I create Job Alert Agents?

After you run a search for an open job, you will be able to save that search as a job alert ‘Agent.’ Saving the search as an Agent means you will be sent an email when Tuality posts future positions that match your previous search. (The example below shows a search for open positions in pharmacy by using a Keyword search of ‘pharmacy')

Clicking on Search will show you the results page. Clicking on Create Agent will alert you to future openings that match this search.

Who can I contact for other questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources at 503-681-1856.