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Tuality is First in Oregon to Offer Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT Scanner for Brain and Spine

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| October 30, 2017 | Health Care

Tuality Community Hospital

Tuality Healthcare, an OHSU Partner, has recently added Oregon’s only mobile intraoperative CT scanner for brain and spine, Airo®, to their neurosurgery practice.

Airo®, from Brainlab, is portable and allows for instant imaging with 1-2mm accuracy, resulting in safer, minimally invasive procedures.  This advanced piece of equipment increases the accuracy of intraoperative imaging since it has the ability to show surgeons where they are working in real-time, as opposed to MRI images which are expensive and not readily available within operating rooms, often resulting in a longer time on the operating table for patients.

By utilizing this tool, Tuality’s neurosurgeons, Drs. Jeremy Ciporen and Fred Williams, are at the forefront of what’s being done in medicine, and it allows them to treat brain tumors, spinal injuries, and peripheral nerve conditions with incredibly high precision.  “We have already been ahead of the curve in our use of image guidance in complex spine operations, and the Airo® takes this to a whole new level of accuracy and resolution,” said Dr. Williams.  Future upgrades to this tool will allow it to be expanded to other service lines, such as endoscopy.

“This tool is a recommitment to and investment in our community and the patients we serve,” said Dr. Ciporen.  “It is another example of Tuality’s ability to provide a comprehensive, integrated system of care, and with OHSU, provide access to clinical trials, collaborations with clinical researchers, and reap the benefits of academic medicine, right here in western Washington County.”

The Airo® mobile intraoperative CT scanner went into operation mid-October, and has been used in 12 procedures thus far.


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