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We know the best way to learn about the quality of medical care is from people that actually have experienced it first hand. That’s why we want to share with you stories from of our patients, families and Tuality staff.

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Patient and medical team

Ron Wastier: Hearts of gold to save a heart

Ron Wastier knows a lot about the heart, having had a number of cardiac procedures over the years. When Ron’s cardiologist retired, he was referred to Dr. Vincent Reyes, a community doctor with hospital privileges at OHSU Tuality Healthcare.  Ron has spent a lot of time in hospitals as a patient. He believed they were all pretty much the same,…

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Group of walkers

Shirley Bates: A journey from heart surgery to a 5K

In January 2018, Shirley Bates had a major health issue that required quadruple bypass heart surgery. The operation was a success but her road to recovery was far from over. To improve her health, her doctor recommended participating in OHSU Tuality Healthcare’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Shirley was apprehensive. You see she’s not a big fan of going to the gym.…

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Doctor and patient

Prakash Shukla: Shoulder pain to a heart attack

On the evening of the June 11, 2018, retired Intel engineer Prakash Shukla experienced a sharp pain in his shoulder. Prakash is a healthy and active person who typically exercises for an hour and a half each day, so he assumed he sprained a muscle during one of his workouts. However, after a while, the pain began to move down…

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Leola's family

Leola Kalamau: How 20 minutes saved her life

Leola shares her story about how the mammography van saved her life. My name is Leola Kalamau and I currently am the police program specialist at the Hillsboro Police Department. I was married to one of the best men that I’ve ever known.  I was with him since I was 17.  Unfortunately, in 2013, he passed away.  But I still…

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Audrey’s Story

I don't really know how to start, as between my son and myself, we are seeing five doctors at Tuality and everyone from the receptionists, nurses, medical assistants, and doctors have been wonderful.  But I have three doctors I want to tell you about.  Dr. Daniel Albrecht was the first doctor I saw there. I had been going to another…

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Skilled Surgeon and Therapist Restore Patient’s Badly-Damaged Hand

In a split second, a serious accident can change one’s life forever.  In mid-December 2016, a patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, showed up at the Tuality Forest Grove Emergency Department with a grave injury to his right hand.  His wound was triaged, and he was sent to Tuality Community Hospital in Hillsboro for day surgery where he met his…

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Olivia Alcaire: Culturally appropriate care

In 2011, Olivia Alcaire’s father had heart surgery at a local hospital. During surgery, he suffered a stroke, seizure, and complications. Olivia asked his physicians why he had the stroke. The first doctor told her it was a result of complications; the second doctor had no answer. The family was disappointed with their response. They were seeking answers and empathy,…

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Family Birth Unit staff delivers “one of the best moments of my life”

When emergencies happen at Tuality Healthcare’s Family Birth Unit, kind compassionate care can make the difference and enhance the patient experience. For Deborah Kennedy, professional and compassionate care got her through a tough, traumatic labor experience while giving birth to Benjamin David Kennedy, her first child. When Benjamin was born, the Birth Unit staff resuscitated him because he wasn’t breathing…

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Treated like a person, not a number

“Exceptional” is the term former Forest Grove Mayor Richard Kidd used to describe a recent experience at Tuality Healthcare. Kidd has been undergoing treatment at Tuality for lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. Kidd is optimistic his sixth chemotherapy treatment will be his final one. Three out of the six chemotherapy treatments were at OHSU as an inpatient; the remaining…

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Portion Control was the Key

When Ed walked into Dietician Doris Pezzotti’s office at Tuality Healthcare, their discussion on portion control stuck with him. This concept guided him through his weight-loss goals and his journey to control his Type 2 Diabetes. Ed initially met Doris in September 2016 and has drastically changed his diet, incorporated an exercise routine, and lowered his blood sugar levels. “I really…

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Stress-free patient care at Tuality Healthcare

Forest Grove resident Howard Sullivan and his wife navigated a snowy road from Forest Grove in early December so Sullivan could keep a colonoscopy procedure appointment at the new Tuality Endoscopy Center. While the ice and snow gave them minor travel stress, Sullivan came away impressed by the quality of care and comfort he received at the hospital’s new center.…

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Compassion in the Emergency Department

Samantha Manz spent a late-summer evening in Portland studying with a friend. As she was driving home to Seaside, she experienced extreme pain in her pelvic region which caused her to pull over twice. She decided to go to the Emergency Department at Tuality Forest Grove Hospital. The Forest Grove ED physician suspected it could be an ovaries issue and…

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Thanks for saving my life

When Tim Van Dyke felt a pain in his chest a year ago, little did he know that he was embarking on a journey from near death to health, thanks to providers and clinicians at Tuality Healthcare. Van Dyke felt a twinge of chest pain early on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015. A quick call to 9-1-1 was…

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Doctor and patient

Building a good patient experience

When a patient has a good experience with their provider, sometimes it goes beyond simply treating the disease or condition. For Crystal Schexnayder of Hillsboro Oregon, she looks at the overall patient experience as an indicator of quality care. Did the doctor listen to her and respect her wishes? Did the doctor spend ample time during the exam and schedule…

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Sarah’s Story

Let me begin by saying that I was above and beyond impressed with my experience at Orenco Station Medical Clinic and Dr. Prakash's team regarding a recent visit. It began while I was headed home from work. Normal day, normal journey home. I made my bus connection and upon sitting down, wham, I was in debilitating pain. It hurt so…

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Medical teamwork brings best possible outcome for patient with ruptured ulcer

On November 28, 2015 my husband, Ken Ross, was brought to the ER at Tuality Community Hospital in Hillsboro and diagnosed with severe sepsis. His doctor immediately put him on a strong antibiotic and went to work to locate where the infection was coming from.  The doctors discovered a rupture on his small intestine and on November 30 they took Ken…

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Monica Thursam. Donor. Walker. Survivor.

It was the middle of June 2009 when Monica learned that her sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, and was scheduled for chemotherapy. Right away she registered to walk in the Tuality Healthcare Foundation's C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run as a way of showing support. The Tuality Healthcare Foundation has been hosting this 5K cancer walk…

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Families health transformation from inactive to FIT

Brenda Jones and her son were one of dozens of families recruited by Tuality Health Alliance and Hillsboro Pediatrics to take part in a program conducted by The FIT (Families in Training) Project, a Portland non-profit which offers fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle education to families. Brenda recently spoke with us about her experience. How did you find out about The…

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Dr Andrews and the twins.

Ali’s Birth Story

I couldn't have had a better experience throughout my pregnancy and giving birth to my twins than I did with Dr. David Andrews at Tuality Healthcare’s Family Birth Unit. His years of experience, care, and common sense guided me through each step. The outcome was a healthy pregnancy and a miraculous birth that surpassed my expectations. I was blessed with…

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Good things happen at Family Birth Unit

When a health complication loomed in the birth of their third child, Francis and Chelsea Ewing of Banks knew exactly where to turn for help – Tuality Healthcare’s Family Birth Unit. The Ewings originally planned to have their baby at a stand-alone birth center not connected to a full-service hospital. Then, Chelsea was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a condition marked by…

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Today, I ran

“It gave me freedom, that is what it did for me today, it made me free today,” said Multiple Sclerosis patient Bonnie Iglesias after running for the first time in years on Tuality Healthcare’s new Alter G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®. Iglesias has had MS for close to twenty years and is an advocate for medical research, fund raising, and is an…

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Young girl gives hope to cancer patients through origami

An 11-year-old Girl Scout with the dexterity of a magician is putting smiles on the faces of current and former patients at the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center. Niasha Oden is using the ancient Japanese art of folding origami paper cranes to provide hope for cancer patients. According to Japanese legend, anyone who receives 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish,…

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Gardener’s gifts boost spirits for cancer center patients

Beth MacDonell credits the kindness and encouragement of others for helping her get through grueling cancer radiation therapy in 2008. Now she’s using her “green thumb” talents to provide some kindness to others going through the same challenge. Each week, Beth donates lavender bouquets and other fresh cut flowers, plus windowsill-sized tomato, basil and parsley plants to patients undergoing radiation therapy…

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