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Frequently Asked Questions about Transition

Orenco Station Medical Group becomes OHSU Tuality Healthcare Primary Care Clinic

In 2016, Tuality Healthcare and OHSU became partners in offering care to patients, and on February 6, 2017, the medical group offices at Orenco Station will be managed by OHSU. This partnership brings great benefits to the Washington County community. 

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the transition to OHSU.

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What has changed at the clinic?

A few important things will stay the same:

  • Your primary care providers and staff will stay at Orenco Station
  • All existing insurance plans accepted at Orenco Station will continue to be accepted; in addition, all OHSU contracts will be accepted at this office
  • If you need to see a specialist, your provider can refer you to Tuality Medical Group specialists and/or OHSU specialists if needed
  • If you need special testing or hospitalization, you can will still receive care at Tuality in Hillsboro

And just a few things will change:

  • Hours of operation will be Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • We have a new name: OHSU Tuality Healthcare Primary Care Clinic, Orenco Station
  • We have a new phone for making appointments: 503-346-3900 

Will OHSU doctors have access to my Orenco Station and Tuality Healthcare medical records?

All existing Tuality Healthcare medical records are confidential and will be used according to the law.  The law does allow Tuality Healthcare to share your medical records with another provider for treatment purposes.  Therefore, if you continue to seek care at Orenco Station when OHSU begins to provide services there, your Tuality medical records will be available to OHSU to help ensure continued quality care.  If for some reason you do not want your OHSU provider to have access to your previous medical records, please let us know.

Where can I access my lab test results and medical history?

OHSU provides online access to your OHSU medical record through MyChart. With MyChart, you can view your information privately and efficiently.  Log into MyChart.

I am a patient at Tuality Healthcare and my medical information is in Tuality MyHealth. Will it be accessible in MyChart?

You will not be able to view prior communications in MyHealth through MyChart.  However, you will be able to view all of your old messages in MyHealth when you log into the Tuality system. 

What type of insurance does the clinic accept?

All existing insurance plans accepted at Orenco Station will continue to be accepted; in addition, all OHSU contracts will be accepted at this office.

If you have specific questions about your health insurance coverage as we transition, please feel free to contact Erin Blume, Tuality Health Alliance Contract Coordinator, at 503-681-1867, who will be available to help you.  Effective February, you will begin to see bills from OHSU and OHSU Medical Group instead of from Tuality Healthcare for medical office services received at Orenco.

Are there any plans to add more OHSU providers at this clinic in the future?

New providers from OHSU will join the Orenco Station starting February 6, 2017.  Plans for adding new providers are underway; watch for new additions in late summer, 2017.