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Hillsboro Internal Medicine

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Tuality 8th Ave. Medical Plaza
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Primary Care at Hillsboro

Hillsboro Internal Medicine

Hillsboro Internal Medicine is your primary care provider in Hillsboro.

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to develop a strong relationship with your primary care physician. At Hillsboro Internal Medicine, our providers are trusted partners who can help you stay healthy or recover quickly in times of illness or injury.

Your Source For Primary Care

Hillsboro Internal Medicine is what is known as a patient-centered primary care home – one of the newest and most effective approaches to primary care. Simply put, it means your personal physician is focused on your health and coordinates your care with a broad team of health professionals.

Our board-certified internal medicine physicians and specialists create personalized treatment plans to ensure that your care is the highest quality. Our services include:

Hillsboro Internal Medicine physicians are member providers in the Tuality Healthcare community.