We provide comprehensive health care services to Hillsboro and surrounding communities.


Community created Tuality Healthcare 100 years ago. It brought us together then, to help one another, and it brings us together now. No matter how much things change, no matter how big we get, we can never forget what makes us great: Community.


Hillsboro community resident Minnie Jones Coy started a small six-bed hospital in her home as a safe place for women to have babies and care for the sick.
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The community helps fund the construction of a new three-story hospital and continues to support its expansion over the years.
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The Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center opens on the Hillsboro campus providing patients with radiation oncology treatments for the first time in western Washington County.
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Tuality partners with OHSU to better serve patients in the community.
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The clinical integration with OHSU is advancing healthcare in Hillsboro.

  • OHSU has a Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic for pregnant women who are at high-risk on the Tuality campus.
  • Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center's new technology gives patients a 3-D “virtual preview” of their planned treatment.
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  • OHSU Dr. Ciporen and Tuality Dr. Williams are collaborating on some of the most advanced neurosurgeries.
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