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Chiropractic Care

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Heal your body, naturally, with chiropractic care at Tuality HealthPlace in Hillsboro.

Chiropractic Care Location

Tuality Orthopedic & Rehabilitation
1200 NE 48th Avenue
Suite 700
Hillsboro, Oregon

Phone: 503-640-6064

Wendy Brackeen, D.C.

Dr. Brackeen

Dr. Brackeen is the only chiropractor in Oregon that is also an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. She has worked with professional athletes, Olympic athletes, body builders, runners, children and seniors.

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Right now you may be suffering from back pain, sore joints or headaches. You can find relief with Tuality's new chiropractic care services. We provide holistic and alternative medical care to help you become pain-free and prevent further injuries.

Natural healing

Your chiropractor will work with you to correct damage caused by an injury or poor posture. You’ll be treated as a whole-person, which means understanding the connections between your body, diet, medications and exercise.

Chiropractic benefits

Your treatment

The treatment you receive may consist of a combination of spinal manipulation and other techniques to provide the most effective and natural options for your care. Some of our treatments include:

Working closely with a team of athletic trainers and physical therapists, we’ll help your body heal naturally.


We take private insurance as well as Medicaid, Medicare, worker's compensation and motor vehicle accident insurance. Please review your insurance plan to ensure it covers chiropractic therapy.