We provide comprehensive healthcare services to Hillsboro and surrounding communities.

Medical Benefits

Some of your medical benefits will include:

Preventive Care

Some of your preventive medical benefits include:

For a complete list of preventive medical benefits please see your Tuality Healthcare Plan booklet. Some services require a "pre-certification". It is important to understand what services need "pre-certification" to manage your care.

Medical Benefits and Pre-certification

Prior to a planned hospital admission or surgery, you or your doctor must call Innovative Care Management to request a "pre-admission certification". Pre-admission certification is required to make sure you'll receive the maximum amount of benefits under your plan. Failure to call could result in a penalty or reduced benefit for your hospital admission and/or surgery.

Innovative Care Management

Your physician should contact Innovative Care Management to obtain preauthorization before you are admitted to the hospital or before services which require preauthorization are provided.

Medical Emergency

In a medical emergency, you may be admitted to an inpatient facility without preauthorization/or a "pre-certification".