Tuality Stroke Center

Tuality’s stroke center is a full-service program that strives to provide fast diagnosis and treatment, which limits potential brain damage and possible long-term disability. 

Tuality’s stroke team possesses all of the tools needed to limit damage from a stroke – laboratory tests, blood pressure checks, possible CAT scan and MRI tests, quick consultation with a member of the stroke team, and the use of clot-busting drugs.  

One of the key measures of a successful stroke program is what is called “door to needle time.”  This measurement involves the time from when a patient arrives at the hospital to when a clot-busting drug is injected to break up a blood clot.  Tuality has a “spectacular” average “door to needle” time of less than 60 minutes.

Meet the Stroke Team

Tuality’s two recent awards – certification by the Joint Commission and a GoldPlus Award from the American Heart Association – are testaments to the talent of Tuality’s stroke team.  Daniel K. Friedman, M.D. is the stroke team leader, assisted by two neurology specialist, Barbara J. Hills, M.D., and Wan-jui Chen, M.D.; and three neurosurgeons, Fred C. Williams, M.D., Keyvan Abtin, M.D., and Bradley J. Bergquist, M.D.  The doctors are assisted by a talented support team led Robert Powell, RN, clinical improvement coordinator.