Critical Care Center

When a critical illness or the need for complicated surgery arises, such times can be stressful, not only for the patient, but for family and friends as well. In order to best serve our patients and their loved ones, we’ve divided critical care into three types: Intensive Care, Progressive Care and Coronary Care.

Intensive Care Unit
Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides round-the-clock care for those with severe medical conditions. For immediate two-way visual communication with our surgeons, we’ve installed a live video link to our open-heart surgical suite. Two ICU rooms have been specially designed to provide maximum care for people with the most acute conditions, such as those who have undergone open-heart surgery.

Progressive Care Unit
Patients with cardiac, neurological, post-surgical, and post-trauma conditions are closely monitored in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU). PCU also provides intermediate acute-care nursing for patients whose heart rate and circulation are stable.

Coronary Care Unit
For patients and families touched by heart disease, our Coronary Care Unit (CCU) serves as a sophisticated, yet welcoming place for those with severe heart trouble, such as those who have suffered or are at risk of heart attacks, or whose lives are endangered because of unstable angina or arrhythmia.