"Tuality can be very user-friendly for working people. I didn’t miss a single day of scheduled work through all of my surgeries and treatments."

Becky L., Banks


"I just never considered myself a candidate for heart disease. They’ve helped me so much. Now I can breathe better and I feel better about myself. I’ve got a wonderful hospital as a neighbor."

Cheryl B., Hillsboro

"Thank you one and all. I was very impressed with the care [my husband] received in the Emergency Department, Critical Care Center, and the telemetry unit."

Cindy C., Orangeville, CA


"Best overall hospital experience I have ever encountered!"

Sierra S., Hillsboro

"All my nurses were outstanding! They were warm, caring and always had a smile."

Connie S., Forest Grove


"Two great births to two little girls in the past 5 years. The nurses were great! I really appreciated the consultants and follow-up visits."

Crystal S., Banks


"Fantastic care by nurses - best possible experience!"

Andrea O., Forest Grove


"I was treated with respect and courtesy beyond my expectations. Everyone was wonderful!"

Ron C., Hillsboro


"What an awesome staff at Tuality! I can not stress enough what a great bunch of folks you have. I felt like a princess."

Susie M., Forest Grove


"Although I had been at Tuality 5 years ago for the same medical needs, this time was even better! The quality of care was excellent. I felt pampered."

Carole H., North Plains

"Thank you for your care! I have never had a medical experience that was so positive from start to finish."

Mary D., Hillsboro

"I credit the quick and great care with proper treatment for getting me back on my feet in remarkably quick fashion. Very grateful for all the good service I received."

Cynthia S., Hillsboro

"Every one was very pleasant & cheery, even the security guard who wheeled me in."

Teresa T., Hillsboro

"The quality of care I received at Tuality was unprecedented - the ICU staff was extraordinary in their care to myself and helpfulness to my family. All the nurses, CNS and food servers were also exceptionally personable and took great care of me. Thank you!"

David D., Hillsboro

"My nurses were absolutely wonderful! They stayed and chatted with me until 3 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. Not only did they treat me like a person, but like a daughter."

Jasmine S., Hillsboro


"From meeting the gal at registration, who was all bubbly and cheerful to the last RN that wheeled me back out to the car 6 hours later, the "customer service" at Tuality Hospital was IMMPECCABLE."

Gayle B., Vernonia

"Our youngest son was born at Tuality General Hospital in Hillsboro, and they did an outstanding job with the epidural. But I was even more impressed with their swift action when I brought him in 11 months later, near death, identifying the problem promptly as Juvenile Onset Type 1 Diabetes and rapidly stabilizing him before transferring him to OHSU."

Sherry B.