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From childbirth training and diabetes education to CPR training and yoga classes, there's something for everyone in our class lineup.

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Cook for Health: Cooking for a Healthy Heart

Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015

Be kind to your heart and learn how to make some flavorful recipes too. In this class you will learn how to make satisfying dishes that are good for your heart and appeal to your taste buds.

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Beginning Ballroom Dance

Beginning Monday, March 9 – Fox Trot & Swing

In the spirit of “Dancing with the Stars,” this four-session course teaches the Fox Trot & Swing. It requires no previous dance experience.

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Have you visited the Tuality Healthcare YouTube channel?

In addition to quarterly health and wellness classes, we have a wide assortment of educational and health videos on our YouTube channel. You’ll find topics such as physical therapy, 3D mammography, cooking classes, childbirth and parenting, and more.
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