Childbirth Prep “Complete” Package

Date:  Classes are available at a variety of times/dates, including nights and weekends.
Location:  Tuality Health Education Center, 334 SE 8th Ave., Hillsboro
Cost:  $115 per couple ($30 savings)
Registration Required:  Please call 503-681-1700 and our customer service representative will register you for classes that most suit your time frame and schedule.

Having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences and the staff at Tuality would like to help guide you through every step of the way to becoming a new parent. Our highly qualified staff will ease any anxiety you may have and provide you with the necessary tools to feel confident and knowledgeable about the childbirth process.

The Childbirth Prep “Complete” Package includes:

  • Childbirth Preparation – a four-week series of classes designed to teach couples the signs and stages of labor, learning practical skills for coping with contractions as well as breathing, positions, and other techniques to support your labor. Discussion on the latest information on pain management and medication options and alternatives available in the hospital and how to make the choices that support your birth preferences.
  • Infant Care Basics – The class focuses on the first 12 weeks of life and covers diapering, bathing and swaddling techniques, as well as tips to soothe a crying baby. Also, information on infant sleep cycles, safe sleep environments, and when to call your care provider.
  • Breast-feeding Basics – Find out more about the three most important things to know when breast-feeding: what mothers can do to produce sufficient milk, how to breast-feed comfortably, and how to find solutions to breast-feeding barriers.
  • Birth Center Orientation & Tour – Explore Tuality Community Hospital on a one-hour guided walking tour. Find out when to come to the hospital, where to park when you arrive, and visit the Birth Center suites and other facilities.

Category:  Childbirth & Parenting