Inpatient Satisfaction

We survey our inpatients about their views of areas such as staff communication, pain management, noise, cleanliness, clarity of instructions, and so on. We gather this information in a way that also allows some of these scores to be compared with those from other hospitals both locally and nationally, through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Hospital Providers and Systems) survey.

The most recent overall total scores of both sets of findings appear below.   More detailed inpatient satisfaction scores among all U.S. hospitals are available at   A comparison of Oregon hospital data only is available at

These are “overall assessment” and “likelihood to recommend” ratings from Tuality’s benchmarking process.   They summarize 31 cues to quality, such as nurse and physician attention to patient needs, the length of waiting times and communication during delays, and even how family and friends were treated.



Staff from a number of key areas in the organization are working to plan and implement initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.   These involve management and work-process improvements all designed to provide staff on every level with more time to communicate with patients during their stay, to make sure that all care needs are identified and met as they come up.   Also since late 2009, a new customer-service committee has been implementing other general practices to improve overall awareness and compliance with company standards that promote customer satisfaction.

Tuality even appreciates receiving concerns and complaints from our patients, too!   We find that they provide special opportunities for follow-up and help us identify particular areas in which we need to improve.