Tuality Physicians Author Second Edition of Nuclear Medicine Textbook

September 18, 2009

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Tuality Healthcare nuclear medicine specialists Gerbail T. Krishnamurthy, M.D., and Shakuntala Krishnamurthy, M.D., recently announced publication of the second edition of their book, Nuclear Hepatology, A Textbook of Hepatobiliary Diseases.

Published by Springer Publishing Company, the book continues to serve as the medical profession’s only textbook to focus exclusively on nuclear medicine studies of liver and gallbladder diseases.  
Such diseases are common throughout the world, and include conditions such as chronic liver disease (cirrhosis), liver cancer, and gallbladder disease due to gallstones.  These conditions account for a significant portion of the global healthcare economy.

This current version of the textbook, which the husband-and-wife physicians dedicated to their young grandson, includes almost entirely new content culled from their peer-reviewed medical journal articles published during the nearly 10 years since the book’s first edition.

The doctors analyze and compile study data using groundbreaking software they co-developed.   In 2008, the Federal Food & Drug Administration approved the “Krishnamurthy Hepatobiliary Software” suite for use at medical centers around the world as a tool for interpreting and comparing functional hepatology studies.

Their work involves using quantitative, comparative data to analyze organ functions as opposed to structure.  “Measuring function can give you information months or even years before physical changes take place in the organs,” said Dr. G. T. Krishnamurthy.  For instance, he said nearly half of all women who experience pain related to gall bladder problems have not developed detectable gallstones.

While medical journal reviews of the new edition are pending, international experts praised the first edition for its detail, structure and depth of useful information.

Dr. G.T. Krishnamurthy said practicing nuclear-medicine physicians are the primary audience for this book. “They can use it as a reference guide or as instructions to help them conduct these tests for themselves.”

Dick Stenson, president & CEO, Tuality Healthcare, acknowledged the Krishnamurthys and their “trailblazing work” in hepatobiliary disease diagnosis.

“Their ongoing innovations not only serve their patients at Tuality, but also benefit people around the world,” said Stenson.  “With the publication of this second edition textbook, they have reaffirmed Tuality Healthcare’s status as a center of excellence for liver and gallbladder diseases.”