Tuality Garners Five Awards for Healthcare Excellence

November 17, 2009

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Contact:  Gerry Ewing / 503-681-1654

Tuality Healthcare staff, departments and programs were recently honored with five awards for healthcare excellence by VHA, Inc., a national healthcare alliance of which Tuality is a member.

The VHA West Coast Performance Awards included trophies for Tuality’s Clinical Information Systems (CIS) department, the organization’s initiative to go tobacco-free, and its committee to detect and prevent ID theft.

Two certificates of recognition also singled out the success of the organization’s program to reduce hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, and the work of Tammy Anderson, a senior clinical application analyst in Tuality’s CIS department.

The CIS department’s “innovation” trophy focused on its continuing work to manage, refine and improve Tuality’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, which was launched organization-wide in 2008. Specifically noted was the department’s work in streamlining workflows in key departments and enabling interoperability of EMR systems with community clinics.

Tammy Anderson’s certificate of recognition acknowledged her “passion” for her work in the CIS department. She was praised for her innovative ideas, technical expertise and ability to inspire her co-workers.

The initiative to change Tuality to a tobacco-free organization received a “performance achievement in hospital operations” trophy. The organization adopted a comprehensive no-tobacco policy starting Jan. 1, 2009, and was noted for the overall success and speed of the transition, the multi-facetted approach used to provide education and cessation assistance for patients, visitors and employees, and more.

Also receiving a “performance achievement in hospital operations” trophy, Tuality’s Identity Theft Tracking Committee was recognized for its work to validate and reduce the extent of which patients use false identity information. The group helped to raise awareness of the problem for staff and implemented simple yet effective solutions that helped Tuality save more than $400,000 in what otherwise would have been non-billable charges.

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program received the certificate for its success at eliminating incidence of the condition (sometimes called “bedsores”) for hospital inpatients. Clinical and education staff worked together to develop successful policies, tools and techniques to ensure consistent preventive measures.

“The diversity of awards this year is a clear indicator of the widespread innovation and excellence that occurs at Tuality Healthcare every day,” said Manny Berman, administrator & chief operating officer, Tuality Healthcare. “There are many individuals who contributed to these successes, and they are to be commended for their dedication to our patients, co-workers and community. Congratulations to all!”

Tuality was publically acknowledged for the awards at the VHA West Coast Fall Summit/Member Awards Event on Nov. 12 in Beverly Hills, Calif.