Tuality employee wins Hillsboro Chamber “Volunteer of the Year” Award

February 28, 2012

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Tuality Healthcare athletic trainer Shelly Jones was honored Thursday night with one of four School to Work Business Partner Awards at the 7th annual Crystal Apple Awards Banquet held at the Tuality Health Education Center.

Jones was the lone individual winner of the School to Work awards, which honor companies and individuals who work with students from the Hillsboro School in the areas of job shadowing and mentoring. The business winners were Synopsys, Perfection Bakery at Hank’s Thriftway and Doherty Ford. The awards and the banquet are sponsored by the Greater Hillsboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jones said she was thrilled to receive the award. She didn’t have a lot of time to savor it. She was back at work on Friday tending to the Century High School wrestlers who qualified for the Oregon Wrestling State Championships at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.

Jones wears many hats at Tuality. In addition to her athletic training duties at Century High School, she also sees physically active patients at Tuality Physical Therapy at 9th & Cedar and helps in aquatic therapy. Shelly recently also took on a new role as a physician extender with Northwest Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.  She is also actively involved in the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

A large contingent of Jones’ co-workers was on hand to cheer her on. The graduate of Linfield College in McMinnville has been a Tuality employee for 15 years.

Jones said the roll of athletic trainer has changed significantly in the last 20 years and is more than what meets the eye.  Athletic trainers don’t just tape ankles; they make all kinds of clinical diagnoses regarding serious conditions like concussions and ACL tears.

Jones takes great pride in the job shadowing role she plays with Hillsboro School District students. She accepts numerous students for 4-hour job shadows. “I think it works well because I really like my job,” she said. “I like it when the students say I have a cool job. That’s the sweetest thing.”

The Crystal Apple Award winners are:

  • Licensed staff: Ross Bryant, Hillsboro School District; Matthew Coleman, Mooberry Elementary School; Adam Reese, Hillsboro High Schoool.
  • Administrators: Brenda Kephart, Hillsboro School District, Jon Pede, Jackson Elementary School.
  • Support staff: Jayne Baker, Lenox Elementary School; Kim Higgins, Tobias Elementary School; Bruce Thompson, Hillsboro School District Transportation.