New 3-D mammography study backs views of Tuality radiologists

June 27, 2014

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A study released this week in The Journal of the American Medical Association confirms what Tuality Healthcare radiologists have known for some time – that 3-D mammography, or Tomosynthesis, has a higher rate of detection for breast cancer than traditional screenings. Use of Tomosynthesis also results in lower recall rate for more imaging.

Tuality Healthcare’s Breast Health Center has been using the new 3-D mammogram technology since April. From a patient’s perspective, 3-D technology may not appear much different than a traditional mammogram. In a traditional mammogram, the machine is stationary. In Tomosynthesis, the machine moves around the breast and takes many X-rays at difference angles that create a three-dimensional image of the breast.

“Breast Tomosynthesis is a new twist on an old technology,” said Dr. Geoffrey M. Gullo, a Tuality Healthcare radiologist. “It allows us to make very thin slices and look at them in 1 millimeter increments. By seeing through the overlapping tissue, it has been shown in big studies that we find more cancer. It has improved the detection of cancer by somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 percent… We don’t have extensive feedback yet, but it has become obvious that this is going to be a game changer.”

The study published in JAMA confirmed two distinct findings:

  • Tomosynthesis improved cancer detection. Cancer was found in 4.2 of every 1,000 scans with digital mammography alone. The rate increased to 5.4 per 1,000 when Tomosynthesis was added.
  • Adding Tomosynthesis lowered recall rates. With digital mammography alone, for every 1,000 women, 107 were called back for more imaging. With Tomosynthesis added, the figure was 91 recalls.

Tuality’s Tomosynthesis technology also includes C-View technology, which lowers the radiation dose that patients receive. Other benefits of Tomosynthesis include a decrease in biopsies and the procedure being particularly effective for women with dense breast tissue and those with an increased risk for breast cancer.

To schedule a mammogram with the new technology, please call 503-681-4035. To discuss Tomosynthesis with Breast Health Center staff, please call 503-681-1758.

Use this link to view a video on Tuality Healthcare’s 3-D Mammography program:


Read the New York Times article on the study in The Journal of the American Medical Association: