Tuality Sleep Laboratory receives 5-year accreditation

December 30, 2013

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Contact:  Gerry Ewing / 503-681-1654

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has awarded Tuality Healthcare a full 5-year maximum accreditation as a recognized Sleep Center. Tuality Healthcare’s Sleep Center conducts overnight sleep studies for a variety of conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, chronic fatigue/sleepiness, chronic insomnia and heavy snoring.  

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine uses a rigorous evaluation process to accredit sleep centers, including requiring a certified medical director, a board certified sleep specialist, testing bedrooms designed for sleep testing and many other quality measures.

Dr. Peter Hahn, medical director of Tuality’s Sleep Center at the Tuality Forest Grove Hospital, received word of the accreditation earlier this week. “This is a great achievement,” Hahn said. “It was made possible by the hard of work of many and the leadership of David Miller (director of emergency services), Sasheen Pack-Gilbert (Sleep Center supervisor) and Maria Adrian (lead Sleep Center technician).

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine sets standards and promotes excellence in the study and treatment of sleep disorders. To read more about the academy, go to