Tuality employees tell their stories as Lap-band® patients

January 16, 2012

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Karen Goemmel, Felicia Biggs and Shelley Maldonado are Tuality Healthcare bariatric surgery patients with unique stories to tell about their Lap-band® surgery experiences.

Karen has lost 80 pounds and is training for a half marathon in August. She participates in a daily exercise routine and has committed herself to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Felicia has lost 15 pounds since her surgery in August but is motivated to achieve her weight-loss goals. Felicia says she needs to keep a food diary and listen to her physician, Dr. Robert Cahn, who provides patients with a dietary and exercise program to help them succeed. “I need to do it for myself,” says Felicia as she rekindles her motivation for having the surgery.

Shelley has lost 50 pounds in the last four months since her surgery in August and describes Lap-band surgery as the most important thing she has ever done. She walks daily, works out at the gym and eats foods that are low in fat and healthy. “Don’t give up, there’s hope out there, and you can do it,” Shelley says to those suffering from obesity.

These three patients are only a small segment of a growing population of people suffering from obesity. In the past 25 years, obesity rates in the United States have doubled. Those who suffer from this growing epidemic also deal with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and joint pain and a host of other potential health issues.

At Hillsboro Surgical Associates, a clinic affiliated with Tuality Healthcare, staff members work daily with those suffering from obesity. This type of bariatric surgery is laparoscopic surgery and is less invasive than other types of gastric bypass. There is no stomach stapling or incisions, making this a safer operation.

Dr. Cahn performs Lap-band surgery at Tuality Healthcare and explains that the different operations are simply tools to help patients lose weight.

“All the operations we have are tools and patients need to understand how to use those tools,” Cahn said in describing the educational role the team plays with patients.

A patient interested in Lap-band surgery will see a surgeon, nutritionist, psychologist, sleep specialist and bariatric coordinator to provide a complete workup and understanding of the procedure. Throughout the evaluation process, team members educate patients about the surgery to determine whether they are a good fit.

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