On a 'Mission' for Western Washington County

The mission of Tuality Healthcare was developed to ensure that our expanding system of hospitals, clinics, and physician practices continues to meet the healthcare needs of the rapidly changing western Washington County region.  Drafted by a team of administrators, physicians, and civic-minded volunteers, the final result succinctly expresses Tuality's commitment to local residents. 

Vision Statement

To be the health system of choice for our region, our patients, our providers, and our employees by delivering the highest quality care at an exceptional level of service. 

Mission Statement

Using skill and compassion, we are building a healthier community by bringing quality clinical care and unparalleled service to our region in partnership with our patients, physicians and health care professionals.

'Organizational Values' and 'Standards for Success'

Two other documents, "Organizational Values" and "Standards for Success," describe Tuality Healthcare's commitment to service, both inside and outside our facility walls.  Together, they are an extension of Tuality's mission and values.  They describe key characteristics of Tuality's workplace and community interactions, based on the six core values found in our mission statement, and they outline employee practices and behaviors that support Tuality's culture.