Past Projects

Digital Mammography – 2014

Donations from hundreds of community members raised $1.1 million and brought digital mammography to Hillsboro.

Medical centers of excellence around the country understand the potentially life-saving advantages of digital mammography. Instead of recording images on large X-ray films, digital mammography uses computer technology to capture and store images. The resulting images are accessed faster and analyzed more easily on computer screens. In addition, our patients and clinicians benefit through:

In April 2014, Tuality’s Breast Health Center began using tomosynthesis, the new 3D mammogram technology, thanks to founding though the Foundation.

From a patient’s perspective, 3-D technology may not appear much different from a traditional mammogram. In a traditional mammogram, the machine is stationary. In tomosynthesis the machine moves around the breast and takes X-rays at different angles to create a three-dimensional image.

Tuality’s tomosynthesis technology includes C-View technology, which lowers the radiation dose that patients receive. Tomosynthesis generates 15 percent fewer false alarms, leading to a decrease in biopsies. The procedure is particularly effective for women with dense breast tissue and those with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Visit our Breast Health Center, located on the 3rd floor in the 7th Avenue Medical Plaza, or schedule an appointment with our mobile mammography van. Both facilities are equipped with digital mammography.

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Tuality/OHSU Cancer Campaign – 2002

In October 2002, the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center opened in collaboration with Oregon Health & Science University. More than $2.5 million was raised by the community to build the center – an enormous measure of support from the local constituency.

The cancer center offers the only radiation therapy in western Washington County. The 8,500 square-foot facility houses physician offices, treatment planning and simulation facilities, and a dual-energy linear accelerator to deliver radiation treatment.  Each year, approximately 200 people receive cancer diagnosis and treatment services at the center. In November 2007, the cancer center was the second radiation oncology treatment center in Oregon to be accredited by the American College of Radiology.

The Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center treats people of all ages with all types of cancers, including prostate cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, head and neck cancers, and lung cancer.

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Raines Dialysis Center – 1999

Helen Raines required daily dialysis service and the closest facility was in Portland. Spurred by this personal need, Ralph Raines, Sr. sought to benefit his community and the Raines family made a gift of $400,000 to the Tuality Healthcare Foundation in order to create a locally available dialysis center.

The Raines Dialysis Center at Tuality Forest Grove Hospital provides life-saving dialysis services for residents of western Washington County and the Oregon Coast. The center is a Medicare-certified facility which provides the latest dialysis techniques. It is a joint venture of Tuality Healthcare, Fresenius Medical Care and Northwest Renal Clinic.

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Building the Tuality Health Education Center – 1986

In 1980, the Tuality Healthcare Foundation’s board of directors envisioned a comprehensive health education facility that would serve as a resource center, providing a wide variety of practical health education and information programs at little or no cost to area residents.

In 1986, the vision became a reality with the opening of the Tuality Health Education Center – a freestanding facility located across the street from Tuality Community Hospital. The center was made possible by the generous charitable gifts and commitments of an actively involved community.

Today, the Tuality Health Education Center touches the lives of several thousand men, women and children each year who benefit from the health education programs and services.