Tuality Healthcare Foundation raises funds to support health education projects and programs that advance our community’s physical and mental quality of life.

Our Next Event

Join Us for the 17th Annual C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run

The annual C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run is dedicated to raising money for Tuality Healthcare's local cancer awareness and treatment programs. This Independence Day tradition…

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Patient Story


Patient Credits Tuality Healthcare With Saving His Leg

Earl is a realist.  He lives for the now and doesn’t let things bother him too much.  A tree faller for 40 years, Earl has…

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Dinner Dance 2017

32nd Annual Tuality Healthcare Foundation Dinner Dance Raises Record $119,000

January 30, 2017—The Tuality Healthcare Foundation’s 32nd annual Dinner Dance, Hillsboro’s long-standing winter gala tradition, raised…

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